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Build your own screensavers using photos, logos, captions, and music!

  • Creates professionally made screensavers in a matter of minutes
  • Create demo screensavers that can be sold, simply list them on shareware websites
  • Brand screensavers you create with your own website, affiliate links and more!
  • Adding music files to screensavers you build is dead easy
  • Quality and responsive tech support
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Why Will You Love Screen Saver Builder Pro?

  • copyright free photos  Simple

    Creates high quality screensavers in a matter of minutes and is simple, yet a powerful software program

  • Sell Screensavers

    Did you know you can sell your creations? Simply submit them to shareware web sites for a price

  • Free Tech Support

    Quality and responsive tech support, no more waiting days for a reply

Bonus: Over 2000 Copyright Free Photos


Screen Saver Builder Pro comes with many various features which includes, adding photos, logos, captions, and music! If you like transitional effects added, you can do that too!

Create installers for customers as a demo, unlocking only a limited number of photos. If he or she likes what they see and want to unlock the remaining photos, charge a fee to have all photos unlocked. List your demo on thousands of websites accross the internet.


Over 2000 Royalty Free Stock Photos Included



Copyright Free Photos - NO Restrictions


Start creating screensavers right away using over 2000 copyright free quality photos. Don't take chances searching Google images which are not free, read the fine print or visit the owner's website.

Not only do you get all of the high quality photos to help you get started, you'll also get more than enough royalty free music files for future projects.




With all the photos and music that's included, just use you imagination really! Photos are broken down into various catagories making finding the image you are looking for alot easier.

Trust me, you will love going through all the images too! In no time at all you will have created a killer screensaver!







Submitting your screensavers to various shareware and freeware websites is a great way to get visitors to your website or blog. There are many great software programs on the internet that makes it easy to get your new demo listed. I recommend RoboSoft because it's the program I use.





100% Satisfaction Guaranteed




Start Creating Screensavers Today!

Start creating all kinds of screensavers, it's alot of fun too! Share them with friends and family or even sell them. People will pay you good money if you know how to compile professionally made screensavers!


Build A Mailing Lists

People love free stuff and giving away screensavers is a great way to build a mailing list if you own a website or blog. It's also a great way to start branding yourself and your skills. Create screensavers that folks will actually look at and appreciate.



Build Websites Around Screen Savers & More!

You can see all the possibilities of making extra money and list building. Royalty free photos, royalty free music files, giving away free screensavers, ads, google adsense and more! The list of things that you can do on the side for profits are endless.



Try Screen Saver Builder Pro For 30 Days Absolutely Risk-Free!

I am so confident that you will love Screen Saver Builder Pro that I am giving customers a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.....!

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

  • Can I really sell my screensavers?

    Yes, if you are using royalty free photos and music.

    Screen Saver Builder Pro has built in features allowing you to compile branded screensavers. This can be your name, web site, links or pretty much whatever you want.

  • Do you offer free future upgrades?

    Yes, once you purchase the software you will be notified along with the download link.

  • Can I make porn or X rated screensavers?

    Yes, as long as you remove any association to this web site, its owner or Wyzard Ware Software.

  • Can I give away screensavers I make?

    Yes, you can submit them to freeware and shareware sites. Giving them away allows your screensavers to become viral thus, getting you new leads and visitors to your website, YouTube channel, etc.

  • Do you have instructional videos or an instructional help file?

    Currently I have a Help Manual. Check it out since there's alot more information about what you can actually do with the software than I can list on this page, trust me!

  • How long does it take before I get my registration key?

    Once you purchase the software, you will have your new user name and password sent to your email address instantly! Since your registration key will be generated manually by me, there will be a short delay but, you'll get your new registration key the same day!

    Use your new user name and password to log into the members area so you can download your royalty free photos, royalty free music files. Also, there are several unadvertised bonuses inside the members area.